Anyone who will choose to build a police station on the blind side of an active railroad track must not have, while in school passed the course Common Sense 101. It is bad enough to have it on a one-way street as it is now, but to compound the issue by also having it on the back side of a railroad is sheer lunacy.

With the modern technology in communications and transportation it is not necessary for the police station to be next to the city headquarters building as once may have been the case.

A few years ago a similar mistake was made by building the new fire station in the center of the busiest intersection in town and the traffic chaos and havoc there now causes many of us to use other streets whenever possible to avoid many delays resulting from this shortsightedness.

There are numerous sites in town where access out of and in to the station would be much less restricted in all direction. Some have no structures presently and others could be purchased and the structures demolished.

Please do not impede safe response times by the police with the idea that by having the station nearby, tighter control can be maintained over the department.

Don G. Harris


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