I have sat here and pondered, this last few weeks, what has been happening in the Supreme Court. I have thought and thought and, finally, it come to me. Most of the people running this country, (not all), but most, have never had to sacrifice anything for this country. They try to make you believe that what they are doing is a public service for us and this country, but what is really happening is they could really care less. Franklin had the right idea. Public office should be strictly voluntary, no pay. Maybe then we could get people in there who really care about this country and the principals it was founded on. It is like a child who is given every toy. Those toys are broken much faster than the ones that the child has to work and sacrifice for. This country is being broken by people who have made no real sacrifices.

Our Constitution is being walked on every day, and our rights are being taken away every day, by people who do not really have a stake in this country. I love my country, this United States of America, and it really turns my stomach to see what it is becoming. I fear it is too late to make it right again. Soon, our country will be given over to the UN, then we will be no more. Our children and grandchildren will not know the greatness that this country once was.


Gary Kitchen


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