SKOWHEGAN — Two prominent Skowhegan homes were recently certified as historic homes through the Historic Homes Registry sponsored by the Skowhegan History House Museum & Research Center.

Residents who own a home at least 100 years old have the opportunity to document the home’s age, register it in the Historic Home Registry, and display an approved house marker indicating the original homesteader, year of construction, and the owner’s affiliation with the registry.

Homeowners Henry and Mary Lou Holden Mollerus and Norman and Patricia Dickey chose to enlist with help of veteran researcher Ruth Blood in completing the research for their homes. The Mollerus home on Parkman Hill was constructed by Leander Pooler about 1870. Since then, the property has changed hands 10 times.

Norman and Patricia Dickey’s home on North Avenue was constructed by James Young about 1848. The Dickeys purchased the property in 1962, and have occupied the home nearly one third of its existence. Over the years they have updated the property while retaining the integrity of the historic home and raised their daughter there.

Historic Home Registry markers now adorn the two homes. Several other home owners are in the process of gaining certification through the program. Information pertaining to the Historic Home Registry can be obtained by contacting the Skowhegan History House Museum & Research Center at P.O. Box 832, 66 Elm St., Skowhegan, ME, 474-6632, or visit

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