WINSLOW — The Winslow Municipal Track will get a second lease on life.

At its regular meeting Monday, the council unanimously authorized the town to borrow up to $200,000, paving the way for repaving of the 25-year-old oval. The project is planned to begin on July 26.

Brian Cornish, vice president of Maine Tennis & Track, presented an estimate to the council Monday. He said his company could do its share of the work for $167,300, which is based on the assumption that the town’s public works department will excavate the site — remove and dispose of the track’s existing surface and asphalt, then build up the track’s base with gravel and grading.

Cornish said Maine Tennis & Track would complete the work, which includes fine-tuning the grade, paving and surfacing.

The estimate includes several surface layers of rubber, totaling three-eighths of an inch, which is the least expensive option. Cornish said the thickness is considered “entry-level high school.”

There are two thicker options, but they would add about $20,000 and $40,000 to the project.

Councilor Steve Russell asked if the additional surface material would extend the life span of the surface. Cornish said the additional thickness would reduce stress on runners’ bodies, but would not improve the longevity of the surface — estimated at 25 years, if properly maintained.

Cornish said the project will take about six weeks, but the installation is temperature-sensitive and cannot be completed until after the second week of October.

“We’d really like to see the paving done in August,” he said.

Councilor Kenneth Fletcher said he was in favor of the project, but wanted to see bids from more companies. Parks and Recreation Director Dennis Dacus said there are only two suitable companies in New England — Maine Tennis & Track of Gray, and another Massachusetts-based company, which hasn’t responded to recent requests for cost estimates. Dacus said he discussed the project with a representative of the company last year and was told that Maine Tennis & Track would be less expensive.

Nonetheless, Fletcher said the town must seek bids from other companies, which will be overseen by Town Manager Mike Heavener.

Russell asked Cornish to provide the town with a second estimate for full-service work.

“I would like to see this company provide a separate proposal that includes the base work, so we have something to compare it to and know exactly what we will be saving,” Russell said.

Heavener said Tuesday that the total excavation costs, if performed by public works, isn’t yet known, but costs would include equipment, fuel and gravel. There would be no cost to dispose of the existing asphalt.

The track, which opened in 1986, is a victim of neglect, Winslow Athletic Director Carrie Larrabee has said. It required resurfacing every 10 years, but it was only resurfaced once, in 1996. As a result, the rubber surface has worn away, and the asphalt beneath has deteriorated.

The track has been closed to competitive events for two seasons.

The council authorized the town to borrow up to $200,000 through a three-year loan at 1.9 percent.

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