HOUSTON — Vice President Joe Biden is rallying support for President Barack Obama by telling the NAACP that Obama has the “character of his convictions.”

Biden drew cheers as he credited Obama for championing a landmark health care law and launching the mission that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

The vice president outlined detailed differences between Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney on health care, education, energy, women’s rights and research.

Members of the civil rights organization, gathered for their annual convention today, offered a rousing reception one day after jeering Romney at times during his speech.

Before Biden spoke, President Barack Obama addressed the group in a taped video message. He said he stood on the organization’s shoulders and asked its members to stick with him.

Biden is addressing the NAACP a day after Romney said he’d do more for African-Americans than Obama. Romney was booed when he said he’d repeal Obama’s sweeping health care reform law but otherwise got a polite reception as he reached out to a traditionally Democratic voting bloc

Obama is not speaking to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People this year. He spoke to the organization during the 2008 campaign and in 2009, while first lady Michelle Obama spoke to the group in 2010. The president is scheduled to address the National Urban League in New Orleans on July 25.

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