Last week, a motorcycle and pickup collided in front of our house on South Horseback Road in Burnham, and I had the opportunity to witness volunteers at work.

I was totally impressed and felt I needed to speak up on their behalf.

People fell right into place: One man stopped traffic, another communicated with the volunteer ambulance crew from Unity and a Life Flight helicopter was called.

Along came a woman who is a veterinarian. She talked with the first responder, Barbara Drake, who began to administer care.

People provided emotional support for the pickup driver. The only concerns being displayed were for the two major characters. People who were not involved stayed out of the way, but were handy in case more help was needed.

I want to thank the volunteers of the Burnham Fire Department, the Unity ambulance crew, helicopter crew and all the others who showed they cared.

One more thing: Bikers should always wear their helmets.

I know for a fact that a helmet makes a difference. I had an accident and my head hit the pavement. Thanks to my helmet, however, my head bounced three times with no injuries. It would have been a completely different ending without it.

Bikers must remember that they don’t always die as a result of an accident. They also need to remember they are not the only person involved; they have friends and family who would be devastated.

Debbie Walker


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