I don’t know the answer to our present dilemma. I’m quite sure School Adminstrative District 13’s educational system is badly damaged. I expect when the dust settles, we will end up with something like K-8 for local schooling. (The district includes Moscow and Bingham).

Attempts to start a long-range plan for two years remain on hold. I believe we must lose at least one school before we can go forward.

I believe administrators, directors and negotiators have the power to protect step and salary increases, and retirement benefits. I also believe that only voluntary sacrifices by teachers and administrators will slow down this process.

It seems that ever since districts, the board of education, the union and the association came into being, the general public’s rights have been set aside to favor incomes in the field of education.

Each one of us who has worked and paid local, state and federal taxes have built this nation, this state and our towns. We have preserved the American way of life. Educators are important, but the rest of us are no less important.

Taxpayers make about one-third the income of the teachers and administrators.

We don’t have substantial increases to keep up with the never-ending increases in the school budget.

I still do not agree with cuts every year to student programs and activities. I believe everyone, must take cuts and come to the table with us.

I beg the voters in Bingham and Moscow to go to the polls from 1-7 p.m. Tuesday and vote on the school budget. Vote yes if you agree with the budget costs. Vote no if you do not agree with the budget costs.

Don’t wait for the tax bills to come out. Vote on Tuesday

Essie Golden


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