I learned late last year that our friend Dick Pierce passed on Aug. 5, 2011, and, indeed, it was big news and sad news.

The obituary was as expected, no doubt boiled down like a good Maine maple syrup to an especially noteworthy amount of accomplishments. But for those who knew Dick, there was so much more to know.

I’m using the term “our friend” because he may have left thousands of friends in his wake, certainly so when including his associates. He made us all feel like real friends in an era when friend count may be on the dramatic increase on Facebook but sadly diminishing returns in real life.

Dick was a champion for the common man and you didn’t have to have a degree to be his friend.

I understand that his memorial service will be in Waterville today. I will be absent in body, but there in spirit. Friends who will be there and know about the “three coin spoofing” should remember to take three coins and find a place to circle up. They know the drill.

Dan Ryan Larrabee

Augusta, Ga.

formerly of Waterville

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