This is in response to those who take offense to the request by St. Michael’s Parish for a reasonable dress code at its services.

Is it really unreasonable to ask that we present ourselves for services in a manner that respects the solemnity of the church?

Yes, the Lord will accept us with regard to dress; all he asks in return is that we accept him.

So it really becomes a personal thing: Do we have enough reverence and respect at the very least for God whose love for us is eternal?

When we attend certain events such as weddings, wakes, funerals and other social gatherings, we dress to show respect for the people we are honoring.

Is presenting ourselves before God anything less? I really believe going to church is not the same as going to a rock concert, the beach or a party. It is not reasonable that for 45 or 50 minutes, one day a week, we recognize and show respect for who it is before us.

Frank Rende


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