I have to wonder if the Blaine House has a dictionary. I have, and it gives the definition of Gestapo as: The German state secret police organized under the Nazi regime, noted for their brutality.

It is well known what the Gestapo did to the German Jewish community and all other Jewish people.

Gov. Paul LePage has compared some hard-working government employees to the murdering German Gestapo of World War II. This only shows that a person can go to college, get a degree and graduate without a lick of common sense.

I recently resigned from the Republican Party after 45 years for one reason and one reason only — the leadership of the Republican Party stands by and even tries to defend LePage’s stupid comments and actions.

From the silence of individuals including candidates Charlie Summers, running for U.S. Senate; Jonathan Courtney and Kevin Raye, running for Congress, and other Republicans running for state office, one can only believe they agree with his comments.

That said, I won’t vote for any Republican who stays silent about LePage’s Gestapo comment; the way I see it, silence is a sign of agreement.

I long for the days when we had intelligent individuals with common sense, such as Sens. Margaret Chase Smith or Bill Cohen, who would not have stood by silently.

We can get rid of the sheep following the bully by going to the polls and voting in November.

Davy Crockett


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