I just read Amy Calder’s column about John Lewis, “the Cross Man.”

What a great human interest story. I’ve seen this guy many times over the past few years as I drove through town. I’d spot him walking along Winslow and Waterville streets, waving his cross and waving to people who’d pass him by.

I was walking down Main Street one day and as he approached me, I held up two fingers (as a sign of peace). He stopped me and said, “You should put up three fingers, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” I never forgot that and from then on, I’d put up the three-finger sign, and he would wave his cross at me.

Calder’s column opened up a lot about this man that we readers would have never have known.

Another column Calder wrote a couple years ago was about the guy who walked on upper Main Street wearing a ski mask and waving to all automobiles as they passed by.

That was an interesting, behind-the-scenes, human interest story.

So many simple things go on around our communities that we either pay little attention to, or take for granted. We never realize what kind of story may be behind them.

I enjoy Calder’s columns and look forward to more of them.

Dan Cassidy


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