In May, when we returned to our residence in Waterville, we were pleased to learn that Richard Connor was no longer head of MaineToday Media. His relatively brief tenure was disastrous.

The Morning Sentinel seriously declined under his management and his policies. The paper was filled with stale material and inconsequential fluff. Moreover, despite proclaiming in print that Readers’ Views were valued, Connor refused to publish letters to the editor critical of his draconian actions. (It is fully understood that he had the right to make such decisions, but that did not justify them.)

The newspaper is much better now than it was under his administration. The editorials are timely and enlightened. International news coverage has improved, and other news reports are more significant and informative.

It is hoped that the newspaper leadership will move forward in efforts to serve this fine community, which we are delighted to call our home for about half of each year.

Best wishes for continued success in the future.

James Marine


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