I just finished reading the online article, “Winslow High graduate’s statements OK’d for N.H. murder trial,” and was saddened to see that the Sentinel feels the need to tie a school to one of its graduates who has broken the law.

I could understand the headline if the person or action was in some way connected to the school, but from what I read that was not the case. The person in question graduated four years ago and is now living out of state. What is the connection to Winslow High School?

Perhaps the school’s fault rests in the fact that this person’s statements were so clear. I guess we need to blame the school’s English Department for doing such a good job teaching this individual clear communication skills.

As a retired teacher from another area school that has been subjected to similar Sentinel headlines, I can feel the disappointment and frustration that must exist with Winslow’s fine faculty.

It certainly will be a joyous day when the Sentinel abandons these types of headlines.

Jeffrey Jewett

Tucson, Ariz.

Formerly of Fairfield

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