I would like to address the July 11 article, “Sparks fly at Winslow fireworks meeting.”

It completely missed the point about which I spoke. I have the same complaint as many other people in this town.

My point was that this town already has a noise ordinance that specifically states: “Noise: Shall mean any sound produced by any means.”

We also have a trash ordinance, a firearms ordinance and a curfew ordinance. My point is that the issue of fireworks should have never been considered in the first place since we already have ordinances that prohibit them.

I tried tactfully to address these local laws with the councilors. This whole issue has pit neighbor against neighbor, wasted the taxpayers money again and is fraying everyone’s nerves. Only two councilors had the courage to stand up and say no.

I urge everyone to read our town ordinances, specifically Chapter 8 Morals and conduct, Sec.8-1,Sec. 8-3, and Sec. 8-10.

Marlene Martin


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