We were deeply disappointed to read in the July 11 Kennebec Journal that Winthrop voted down the 2012-13 school budget.

We reviewed the budget in detail before attending the last school board meeting in June.

School administrators and school board members were facing a $650,000 gap between the current and proposed budgets and, through a thorough and thoughtful process, reduced the gap to less than $250,000.

This was the budget presented and voted down by Winthrop voters.

We have to believe that this vote was not a direct rejection of the school budget but a reflection of the voters’ frustration with the increase in property taxes and/or town spending levels.

It is the school budget combined with the municipal budget that would result in increases to Winthrop property taxes.

The school budget deserves the support of Winthrop voters. It is the municipal budget that needs more consideration.

We hope and expect that both the school board members and the town council members will work together to resolve the total budget increases in the town of Winthrop.

Evelyn and Bill Kieltyka


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