The Arab News editorial, published in the July 16 issue of this newspaper, ignores history.

During the Clinton administration, at Camp David, Israel offered the Palestinians 95 percent of their demands, including East Jerusalem. The offer was rejected.

Then came the Oslo Accords, which fell by the wayside because they were violated by the Palestinians.

Restrictions on Palestinian movements to Israel resulted from numerous terrorist attacks, which have practically disappeared as a result of these restrictions and the building of a border fence.

Israel unilaterally evacuated Gaza. As a result, the Palestinians voted to install a government controlled by Hamas, a terrorist organization. In addition, more than 7,300 rockets were fired at civilian targets in Israel, and children were forced to go to school in bomb shelters.

As for East Jerusalem, Jews have lived there since biblical times.

The Palestinian economy would be much stronger if Saudi Arabia and the other Arab states would join the United States and Israel in aiding it with funds instead of rhetoric.

As long as the Palestinians insist on “it’s my way or the highway,” there can be no two-state solution.

Yale Marienhoff


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