Irresponsibility is destroying us. Our country is headed in the wrong direction with out-of-control spending and very little to show for it.

Irresponsibility has squandered future generations, our children, by strapping them with trillions of dollars of debt, and there seems to be little concern about it.

Gov. Paul LePage is working hard to keep our state afloat. He’s balanced a budget, paying attention to the out-of-control spending, and unemployment’s gone down. This cannot be said at the federal level. The economy isn’t good, unemployment still at 8.2 percent with more people than ever on food stamps.

We’re becoming a welfare-entitlement state, something Barack Obama seems to embrace. Promises to cut the deficit in half didn’t happen. Obamacare is a huge tax. Unsatisfactory policies, lack of respect for our Constitution, overspending with lack of fiscal responsibility with not a budget passed in more than three years.

We might want a larger house, a couple of brand-new cars, a closet full of new clothes, elaborate vacations, a new boat, or give our children extra money. Reality and responsibility sets in and we know it’s not possible.

Same with government; excessive spending is irresponsible and we’re almost $16 trillion in debt. We cannot continue to borrow money from China. I remember Obama blasting George W. Bush that his debt was irresponsible; but, he’s spent more than Bush in three short years.

State and federal government needs to be prudent with our money; we can do better. Several cities in the U.S. are going bankrupt because of overspending. We need to fix this mess and create jobs, or our children will bear the brunt of our stupidity and lack of responsibility.

Linda Lemieux


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