When talking about the proposed toll increases on the Maine Turnpike, the obvious solution seems crystal clear.

All we have to do is charge everyone who uses the turnpike a toll, instead of just select areas paying for it all.

A perfect example of this is the location of the first toll in York. The toll booths should be put back where they were originally, in Kittery. This area, with the highest population density, rides free.

I emailed the turnpike for the traffic counts over the Piscataqua River Bridge and through the York tolls, but received no reply.

I wanted to find the yearly difference between them, which will tell us how many free rides are being given away at others’ expense.

These free rides, I believe, would more than cover any proposed rate hike. This also would solve the problem of rebuilding the toll booths in a residential area, where they are not wanted. If we are to be taxed (tolled), it should be fair and the same for all.

Mike Phillips


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