An acquaintance asked me the other day why I haven’t written a letter to the editor lately.

My flippant reply was that “it’s golf season!”

But if the truth be known, this avowed conservative who makes no bones about his hard right-wing beliefs has been a little discouraged lately by the inexorable march and success of the progressive agenda.

My feelings were multiplied by the recent Supreme Court rulings.

Silence, however, does equal agreement and leads to acceptance, does it not?

Many pundits say that Chief Justice John Roberts has stemmed the future mandating power of our legislative branch in using the Commerce Clause to force all sorts of requirements on limiting our liberty.

I understand all this, but we live in the present, not the future. The effect of this ruling is that our government now can force us to buy a product. This time it’s health insurance.

Since the progressive-liberal agenda has always been implemented incrementally, what is next should be both expected and feared.

It has always been true that nothing in this world is free. Everything comes with some sort of a price.

I recognize that some 40 percent of our fellow citizens do not pay tax, and freely live on the land of the free, but this ruling will affect everyone’s liberty and quality of life.

I’ve heard that this law features 21 new taxes, I don’t know if that’s true, but common sense says they have to be paid somehow and by someone.

If the individual mandate requirement is truly a tax and thus a legal imposition of authority, then it can be undone by repeal.

Please vote this election to stop the continued accumulation of trillion-dollar debt in Washington.

Change we must believe in; change the administration! Vote for repeal!


Greg Theriault


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