While in the car recently, we saw a huge turtle on the center line of our road.

I turned around and pulled off the road to help move the turtle out of danger. In the meantime, several cars traveling on both directions stopped; clearly something was happening.

Sadly, one driver was either too impatient or too unaware and just blew by all of us, hitting the turtle and killing it in front of my 6-year-old and the children in another car. The kids were horrified, and the adults were speechless.

About a month ago, I had to stop in the road because two little dogs were running loose and crossing the road. Another car came up behind my car, then pulled around me, glared at me and then stomped on the gas and sped off. The same thing; people are just so impatient.

What if we were stopping because a person was hurt? We’re really not out just to annoy other drivers.

Mimosa Mack


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