Another shooter has taken innocent lives, and although it’s news, it is a shame that the media harp on it. They talk with everyone who was there and then they show the shooter’s picture and get reports from every neighbor, classmate, or teacher he ever had, putting him in the forefront.

We feel devastated for those innocents, but all the attention is the glory the shooter wanted. In every one of these cases, the suspects revel in the fact that they made a name or statement for themselves.

They will read and watch themselves in the media and smile throughout the court proceedings as they try to prove themselves temporarily insane. And copycat wannabes jealously look into getting moments of fame for themselves.

I think only a minimum amount of this should be reported. The shooter’s name and picture should not be published, and the event should not be much of a news splash outside of the immediate area.

When a terrorist bombing overseas occurs, we hear just the facts and the mess is cleaned up.

And why do we call them “shooter” instead of “killer” or “assassin”?

Why do we need to look for an excuse for this coward killer’s behavior? This only encourages others to think that, if they do this for him, then they will check me out and find out how I feel or hurt.

It’s just another facet of the reward they are seeking.

The media should keep it under wraps as much as they can, and we will have fewer of these instances.

Training and security needs to be elevated, and those who show signs of suspicion should be checked out. Maybe there should be federal protocols about how to address these instances.

Mike Dawes


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