Man set self on fire while smoking in bed
MERCER — Smoking while on oxygen is the cause of a fire overnight Wednesday that critically injured a man, said state officials. Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said 84-year-old Wesley Hewett of Yorkie Lane  set himself on fire while smoking in bed. The fire was quickly put out with minor damage to the house. Hewett is being treated at a Boston hospital. 

Man, 22, charged with stealing boats

FARMINGTON — State and Farmington police have charged a man with stealing  boats and attempting to sell them in a radio station swap meet. Daniel Dustin, 22, of Farmington, faces five theft charges and is believed to have stolen a total of nine kayaks, canoes, and a paddleboat in Kennebec and Franklin counties.

Trooper Matt Casavant said  police believe Dustin stole the boats, then called Farmington radio station WKTJ and attempt ed to sell them on the station’s phonemart program, where listeners sell items.

State Police still are looking for the owner of a stolen canoe and kayak and are also looking for the buyer of a Dimension Typhoon kayak stolen from Fayette. The other watercraft sold on the radio program have been recovered, according to McCausland.

Man from Winslow standoff faces charge

WINSLOW — Police have charged a Winslow man involved in a standoff with law enforcement last week.

Matthew Savinelli, 34, of 1 Bellevue St., apartment 3, was summoned on a charge of criminal threatening — a class D misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and $2,000 in fines. The summons was issued on July 18, the same day the overnight standoff ended, Sgt. Haley Fleming said.

Previous reports after the standoff stated that Savinelli had not been charged.

On July 17, Police were contacted to check on Savinelli’s welfare and the standoff ensued when Savinelli allegedly threatened to shoot officers.

IN BENTON, Wednesday at 8:57 p.m., threatening was investigated on Kelly Street.

IN CLINTON, Wednesday at 6:20 p.m., a protection order was served on Canaan Road.

IN OAKLAND, Wednesday at 12:11 p.m., a verbal warning was issued after a report of harassment on Elizabeth Street.

5:31 p.m., juvenile offenses were investigated on Summer Street.

7:04 p.m. a burglary was investigated at Oakland South Storage on High Street.

IN UNITY, Wednesday at 9:57 a.m., threatening was reported on Waterville Road.

IN WATERVILLE, Wednesday at 12:16 p.m., a protection order was served on Wilson Street.

12:31 p.m., a burglary was investigated on Western Avenue.

1:07 p.m., harassment was investigated on Maple Street.

4:14 p.m., a burglary was investigated on Gray Street.

5:37 p.m., a domestic dispute was investigated on Oak Street.

5:41 p.m., criminal mischief was investigated on Gray Street.

5:43 p.m., threatening was investigated on Front Street.

6:10 p.m., a harassing or obscene phone call was reportedly received on Oak Street.

6:51 p.m., a theft was investigated at Alfond Municipal Pool on Front Street.

8:09 p.m., harassment was reported on Gold Street.

Thursday, 1:24 a.m., a fight was investigated on Temple Street.

8:48 a.m., criminal mischief was reported on Union Street.

IN WINSLOW, Wednesday at 5:51 p.m., suspicious activity was investigated on Clinton Avenue.

8:26 p.m., suspicious activity was reported on South Reynolds Road.

Thursday, 5:07 a.m., a theft was investigated on Baker Street.

IN WATERVILLE, Wednesday at 11:04 a.m., Ana Santiago Mendez, of 16 Clinton Ave., Winslow, was arrested on a theft charge at Walmart on Waterville Commons Drive.

10:49 p.m., Melissa Woodbury, 41, of 6 Gray Ave., was summoned on a terrorizing charge on Gold Street.

11:36 p.m., Ethan A. Lyons, 21, of 129 East Ridge Road, Skowhegan, was summoned on a charge of furnishing liquor to a minor, at Champion’s Fitness Club at Elm Plaza.

IN WINSLOW, Wednesday at 8:26 p.m., Michael Christopher Columbia, 20, of 36 Cushman Road, was summoned on a charge of a minor consuming liquor, on South Reynolds Road.

IN CLINTON, Wednesday at 11:17 p.m., Joshua David Ladd, 29, of 520 Hinckley Road, was arrested on charges of criminal speeding and marijuana possession, on Route 23.

IN WATERVILLE, Wednesday at 5:23 p.m., Katrina A. Park, 23, of 69 Water St., apt. 5, was arrested on a probation hold at her residence.

Thursday, 2:48 a.m., Jacob LaBonte, 22, of 14 Rancort Ave., Winslow, was arrested on charges of operating under the influence and operating without a license, on Hathaway Street.

6:25 a.m., Natasha M. Sanipas, 27, of 5 Pare St., was arrested on charges of sale and use of drug paraphernalia and operating under the influence, at the Big Apple on Elm Street.

IN WINSLOW, Wednesday at 8:26 p.m., Peter Maxwell Reynolds, 49, of 299 South Reynolds Road, was arrested on charges of violating conditions of release, refusing to submit to arrest or detention and refusing to sign a criminal summons, on South Reynolds Road.

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