According to recent polls, 57 percent of Mainers support same-sex marriage.

The reasons behind these results reflect the value Maine citizens have in looking at committed relationships between couples. While civil unions are thought by some to be the solution, all is does is muddy the issue; it is vague at best.

Marriage between two people woman and man, woman and woman, or man and man strengthens the fiber of the communities we live in and our state overall. Mainers have a proud heritage of self-determination and independent thinking. These values are obvious.

We find ourselves thinking and talking about same-sex marriage again because it is about fairness. We are not easily swayed by media blitzes. We believe in equality for our neighbors, our friends, our families.

Come November, Mainers will show their commitment to what is fair for all its citizens and vote to support same-sex couples to marry like other couples.

Jacqueline P. Fournier
Mount Vernon

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