If gay marriage were to be taught in our schools, wouldn’t school boards have to approve of it? The dictionary clearly defines marriage, so what’s there to teach? Why would we expose our children to just gay marriage? Why shouldn’t children continue to learn about marriage the way they always have, at home and at church and at no cost to taxpayers?

If school boards did add gay marriage to the curriculum, they also would have to add heterosexual marriage. If they didn’t it would be discrimination, prompting legal action that would have a negative impact on our already-strapped school budgets, resulting in higher taxes for all of us.

What possible justification would school boards have for using our tax dollars to teach either? Budget times would be interesting.

It looks like gay marriage will pass this time, so school boards could face the above obstacles. Their reactions would determine if our taxes will go up. However, any decision they may make on marriage other than bypassing it will cost us more money.

Anyway, a previous writer asked that we employ logic to books about gay marriage. Why not employ logic to marriage itself, as in, isn’t it logical for men to marry women?

The question then is do heterosexuals actually believe that it’s just as logical for men to be marrying men or for women to be marrying women? We’ll find out in November.

Terrence C. Casey


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