Extreme politics from either the left or right do not move us forward and do not help our citizens.

I was surprised to see the representative from Farmington call me a close friend in a recent Maine Compass and then skew my record.

I have many friends whose opinions and political views differ from my own. They help me seek common ground and new ideas. I have a track record of getting important issues passed as a member of the majority and minority party in the last four years. My record speaks for itself.

I continue to work with those who have a vision for making Maine a place where we can all raise a family and prosper.

I have pushed for buying and growing local food. I helped create a reformed LURC. I have supported streamlining state government.

I do not, however, support cutting health insurance and the drugs for the elderly program, when these are our neighbors who truly need our help. I do not support cutting Head Start and Women’s Health Services.

I have always and continue to side with consumers over insurance companies and corporations driven by profits and greed. I strongly believe Maine businesses need good roads and bridges to move their goods.

I support education and know we need to push for state funding of our public schools at the promised 55 percent. I believe fully funding revenue sharing to our municipalities and the circuit breaker program helps the middle class.

We must think about the next generation and link them to our natural resource-based jobs.What we really need is a common-sense policy that helps the true job creators — Maine’s local businesses and farmers. I say leave the party ideology at the door and together let’s keep Maine moving.

Rep. Jeff McCabe


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