On July 21, I read a letter to the editor by Yale Marienhoff that criticizing your July 16 editorial about the Oxfam report on the Palestinian question.

I think that the abuses that they have suffered from the Israeli occupation for 40 or so years need to be addressed, and I respect your newspaper for its part.

I was interested to read recently that 83-year-old Henry Clifford paid for ads on New York commuter train platforms that describe the disposition of Palestinian lands over the last century (the maps are startling) and reports that the United Nation classifies 4.7 million Palestinians as refugees.

Clifford has reported an overwhelming positive response to these ads, which are far greater than his previous efforts (one of which was to publicly question whether the United States can afford the $30 billion in aid pledged to Israel over 10 years).

Maybe the above examples are evidence of the beginning of a trend whereby the American public in general (and our government in particular) will take a new look at our support of Zionism and its cost to our country.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (the Jewish lobby in Washington) and the Zionists have lobbied hard for the past couple of years to get us to attack Iran, and they may succeed. Many writers have blamed AIPAC and the neo-conservatives in this country for getting us into the Iraq war.

If we think that was a walk in the park, wait until we take on Iran.

Kirk Palmer


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