FAIRFIELD — John Williams, a financial advisor from Fairfield, died in a motorcycle accident in Monroe on Tuesday afternoon. Friends say that the community will feel the loss of a man who gave his time and money to help those in need.

Williams, 65, was riding a motorcycle on Route 141 through Monroe when his brakes locked near an intersection with Route 139, according to Deputy Sergeant Jeff Trafton of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office. Williams, who was not wearing a helmet, was thrown from the motorcycle in the single-vehicle accident and died at the scene.

His immediate family included his wife, Judy Williams, his son, Jonathan Williams, and his daughter, Kelly Chasse.

Michael Gifford, one of Williams’ friends, said that the loss will be felt by the hundreds of people that Williams has helped over the years.

“He’s not one to hold onto wealth,” said Gifford. “He always spread it around.”

Gifford said that Williams was a quiet contributor to many area causes, including a recent donation of a $5,000 computer system for a local church.

“He would help somebody and not tell anybody. That was just his way,” Gifford said.

Williams supported various ministries, and also helped individuals in need.

“He’s bought heating oil for people in a bad winter,” Gifford said.

Aside from his charitable works, Williams was an avid outdoorsman who loved riding his motorcycle, hunting, fishing and spending time at his camp in Hammond, where he planned to build a rifle range.

Kevin Joseph, owner of Joseph’s Market, said that he saw Williams’ generosity firsthand at the store throughout their 25-year friendship.

“He would come in, pull me aside, and say ‘so and so is coming in, and I want you to let them charge $500 in groceries. I’m good for it,'” Joseph said.

The people that he helped in this way would use the account over time to help get through a rough patch. At some point, Williams would pay their bill.

Williams’ son, Jonathan, said that Williams was often very quiet about his good deeds, and that the number of people he helped will never be known.

“He didn’t really talk about it,” Jonathan said. “If I found out about it, it was because somebody told me. He didn’t do it for the attention.”

He said his father was a spiritual person, and was affiliated with the Abundant Grace Church in Searsmont.

Mike Roderigue, who worked with Williams for the past 10 years, said that the death will affect many in the community.

Roderigue remembers Williams as someone who was generous not only with his money, but with his time.

“He was just a natural teacher,” Roderigue said. “He was a mentor to a lot of people. He was a mentor to me.”

Over the years, Williams developed a reputation as someone who could provide advice and wisdom to people in crisis.

“He helped literally hundreds of married couples and individuals through personal trials,” said Jonathan. “He helped people that have suffered a loss. He could probably have helped us right now.”

According to statistics from the state Bureau of Highway Safety, there were 18 motorcycle fatalities in 2010, the most recent year on record. Of those, 10 involved motorcyclists not wearing helmets.

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