Unfortunately, we have good reason to be cynical about political party leadership in today’s society.

It is frightening when the chairman of the Maine Republican Party (newspaper, July 28) is quoted as saying that “he does not even read the newspapers.”

It seems so logical that persons in responsible positions, especially ones associated with so many persons influencing political outcomes affecting so many citizens, would be interested enough to be aware of what is happening in our nation and world with reporters’ and columnists’ responses to events and issues.

I hope that GOP Chairman Charlie Webster does not speak for all Republicans. His confessing to not reading newspapers should suggest to wiser Republicans that someone more enlightened should lead the Maine GOP.

Organized politics seems so removed from voters’ concern for those real issues challenging us in these times. Sadly, we can suspect that Webster is not the only political spokesperson unaware of what is making today’s news. This is among those reasons why political parties have contributed more to our problems than to solutions.

Lawrence E. Merckens


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