I am responding to Dana Milbank’s commentary, “Nothing says ‘man of the people’ quite like owning an Olympic horse,” on July 29.

I have owned horses for 42 years and have sacrificed dearly to keep one or more horses. I have worked multiple jobs to maintain my horses.

It is true that there are rich playboys in the sport. They are spoiled and arrogant. The rest of us are just trying to get along and enjoy the sport.

I also must confess to the use of a write-off for my horses. This write-off benefit also includes a mandatory showing of a profit during a specified time period. No shown attempt at a profit equals no write-off. I can assure that if the Romneys were not living up to the rules, the IRS would have had them by now.

As far as Mitt Romney not knowing anything about the sport or even caring about it, that is a common attitude among male spouses of women who are involved in the sport. Romney is simply a typical American horse husband — disinterested.

Horses used for rehabilitation programs are common. Some stables in this state offer this critical service for handicapped children and adults. To assume that Ann Romney is a special case because she happens to have deep pockets is absurd.

Parents and caretakers of those served will tell you that the rider is noticeably positively affected by their relationship with these very kind and forgiving horses.

By the way, where are the feminist groups when a woman with a disability is being attacked every day in the media?

To many Americans, supporting an Olympic horse is a patriotic act.

Dana Milbank should remember that Ann Romney is not running for president.

Daniel J. Sheehan III


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