I just got my new property tax bill only to realize that, as a taxpayer, I am again paying for a poorly run government.

Despite efforts by the governor and the commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services, things are pretty much unchanged as far as managing welfare and taxpayer burden.

My taxes have increased again because the school budget increased, so it is apparent that the school board has no concern for the taxpayer and the weak economy. Apparently, the annual teacher salary increases are not dependent on the economy.

Our cost of living is still increasing, and our buying power is still decreasing.

Maine seems bound to follow the Democrats liberal spending model on the backs of the taxpayers. Sadly, based on comments by Chellie Pingree, many in Congress seem to think these policies and practices are sound as well.

I am stymied why they think an increased tax burden on a decreasing work force makes financial sense.

I’ll be surprised if the upcoming year makes any more effort to support the work force.

I guess it’s too late for personal responsibility and accountability.

Mike Swanholm


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