A black minister, Dr. William Owens, recently appeared on C-Span deploring the embrace of same-sex marriage by Barack Obama, terming it disgraceful.

Owens heads a coalition of black ministers who is challenging the leadership of Obama because of his stance.

A recent Barbara Walters special on ABC touted the work of a private equity woman who bought seven failing businesses and turned them around. She is flaunting her success by excessive living.

In contrast, Mitt Romney has done the same thing, but I don’t see the press extolling him. I have come to the conclusion that the almost exclusively secular press abuses Romney, a man of faith (though it be a Mormon).

I hope and pray the people of faith who read this will do nothing to hurt Romney. If they do, the Obama forces will use what they say against Romney.

Finally, 58 percent of Catholics voted for Obama. I believe they voted against the moral principles of their faith. My prayer is that every Catholic who reads this will concur with Washington, D.C. bishop, Donald Wuerl who says “Mr. Obama has a different (secular) view of what our culture should look like.”

Finally, I want to quote Howard Jarvis, author of “I’m Mad As Hell,” and tax reformer of California, when he extols the Mormon creed: “The Mormon church provides the best, attitude, discipline, moral leadership, responsibility and Americanism of any institution in the country.” Amen.

Elaine B. Graham


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