The tent was up, tables set and the food was being set out when I arrived at the Ramblers’ football field. Then the fun really began at the first Barbecue and Gumbo Family Festival to End Hunger. But let me start a bit earlier.

Aug. 18 represented to me what I love about Maine — and especially my town of Winthrop.

First thing in the morning was the all-you-can-eat Grange breakfast, with time to catch up with a few folks. Just a bit later, Augusta West Campground served pancakes to members of the Annabessacook Lake association. Everyone there was treated to a talk by Kent Ackerly about the lake, which included some geological and human history and a report on current archeology being done on Big Island. They actually have evidence that people have used the island for 10,000 years.

Meantime, the farmers market and the Sidewalk Art Show started up and everyone got drenched for a bit. The sun came out. A concert at Norcross Point? Then came the Festival to End Hunger. Good all around.

One of the highlights for me — I found I would be the Grandma at the bounce house (yay).

One other thing struck me: There were actually Democrats and Republicans and others enjoying the event together, including the chairmen of both the Democratic and Republican town committees. This is the way life should be.

Thanks to all those responsible for a wonderful day, with participation from many, many Winthrop residents and visitors. Go Winthrop. End hunger.

I love Maine.

Priscilla J. Jenkins


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