I am asking Augusta drivers to have more consideration for pedestrians, especially at the rotaries.

Each and every day, as I walk the 150 feet from my house to my job, I almost get hit. It wouldn’t be so bad if it did not happen so often.

I use crosswalks and when necessary I push the warning button provided. Yet people do not stop. I have to be out in the road for some to see me. Sometimes cars in one lane stops, but don’t in the second one.

This problem is even worse at the rotary on the west side, not so much the east side since it has been changed. The city put a crosswalk where the rotary connects to Water Street and people fly around that corner.

All drivers should slow down. If someone does stop, someone else comes zooming around, and almost hits them.

These past few months that I have been a frequent pedestrian has definitely made me pay more attention when I do drive.

It is against the law not to stop at crosswalks if you see someone crossing, and the speed limit is only 25 around the traffic circles. I do not think that someone’s life, jail time or speeding tickets are worth it.

Aline Sousa


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