I talk to a lot of people in my work. Many social problems, including those my clients experience, share a common thread: a lack of safety.

Safety concerns include a job that pays enough to live on, an apartment safe enough to dwell in, enough heat to survive the winter.

Above even those basic necessities, however, is the need for food and fellowship. Sacred Heart Soup Kitchen provides both. Our community needs to continue to provide food and fellowship, because otherwise spirits soon will join bodies in starvation.

Last year, a friend in Winthrop stepped up to help save the soup kitchen there. Today, it is thriving and continues to serve the local community.

Now more than ever, people are taking notice in this community that hunger is a problem that has no place in America and should be eradicated.

I agree wholeheartedly. One in five children in Maine goes to bed hungry every night.

I hope the recent reporting in the newspaper wakes everybody up. Donations of canned goods aren’t enough; clearly they need our money, too.

Even if people don’t have a lot of money, maybe they can forgo a little food or money to ensure that someone else can eat.

If we cannot help the least among us, then we’ve lost our way.

Colleen Lachowicz


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