On a hot and humid day in June, with my three kids beside me, I helped turn in 800 signatures in support of phasing out bisphenol-A from children’s food.

As a result of this citizen-initiated petition, the Board of Environmental Protection will hold a public hearing on Sept. 6 to consider phasing out BPA from baby and toddler food packaging.

This issue has become important to me, as I have learned that BPA is a harmful chemical that I do not want my children exposed to. As a mother, it is my job to make educated decisions to protect my children and give them the healthiest possible start.

Maine’s Board of Environmental Protection already has chosen to phase out BPA from baby bottles, sippy cups and reusable containers. That rule was passed almost unanimously by the Legislature last year.

Now I ask the BEP to help us keep moving forward to phase out BPA from our products — not only for my children, but because all kids in Maine deserve to have their baby and toddler food is free of BPA.

Annie Colaluca, Waterville

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