Here’s the latest in the war on women.

Yesterday an 11-12-year-old Christian girl in Pakistan named Rimsha Masih was jailed for allegedly burning pages of the Koran while sweeping a facility in a slum near Islamabad.

If she goes to trial, she faces a virtually certain sentence of life imprisonment, since under Sharia law her testimony is only worth one-fourth of a male’s testimony and there will only be oral evidence.

One more thing — according to some accounts, she suffers from Down syndrome.

Want a war on women? That is a war on women.

America is the greatest country on Earth, especially so in these troubled times. America has serious problems, and she needs serious people to work to solve them.

So — if you folks are ready to drop the silly slogans and start acting like grown-ups, maybe we can get something done.

We’re waiting.

Terence McManus

New Sharon

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