WATERVILLE — The city will pay $100,000 for a lot at Colby Circle where a new police station will be built.

City Manager Michael Roy told city councilors Tuesday that the price is $25,000 less than the amount the city originally proposed to pay Hight Partners for the property.

“We’re getting credit for building that access road into our lot because that certainly will be available in the future to the property owner,” Roy said.

Roy handed out a sketch of the proposed police station to the council which shows the station on the southern-most tip of Colby Circle.

The sketch shows parking spaces to the east and north of the station with the access road extending north and then east onto Colby Circle. The police station would share an access road with both the Social Security Administration building and Waterville District Court.

“It’s a preliminary design for Colby Circle, showing the site where we’re proposing to build,” Roy said, as he distributed the sketches.

The lot the city will buy, he said, turned out to be larger than what city officials initially thought because of its shape, which is more round than rectangular.

“So, the architects right now are working on the final design,” he said. “I hope within two weeks that we can come to you with a proposed budget for this; I’m not promising it.”

Councilor John O’Donnell, D-Ward 5, asked if any of the construction work has gone out to bid.

“No, the specs to do the work aren’t complete,” Roy replied.

“When are we expecting to close on the property?” Councilor Erik Thomas, D-Ward 4, asked.

“I hope that that can be within a couple of weeks,” Roy said.

City Solicitor William Lee said that now that the terms of sale have been reached, a title search must be done on the property.

A purchase and sale agreement will then be done and a final closing will occur in about a month, Roy said.

The Planning Board on Monday will consider a informal preapplication, preliminary plan and possibly a final plan for a one-story, 12,000-square-foot police station.

The proposal will be considered under the city’s site plan review ordinance.

That meeting will be at 7 p.m. in the council chambers at The Center, at 93 Main St., on the third floor.

O’Donnell asked Roy why a 30-foot strip of land between the police station site and Social Security building will be retained by Hight Partners, as specified on the sketch Roy distributed to councilors.

“They wanted to make sure they had enough room for expansion,” Roy said.

Roy has said a final cost for building a police station will not be known until contractors bid on the project.

In other matters Tuesday, councilors took final votes to amend the zoning ordinance to allow Herbert and Heidi Goudreau to provide meal service for residents and guests — and beauty salon services — in a multifamily building they want to construct behind Goudreau’s Retirement Inn at 110 College Ave.

The council also approved a zoning ordinance amendment that allows a parcel off Fieldstone Drive to be rezoned as part of Paul and Christine Lussier’s housing development, Fieldstone Meadows LLC.


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