College tuition has risen 900 percent in the last 30 years, causing a trillion dollars in student-loan debt.

Politicians touting the classic American Dream call for even more “tax cuts” for the wealthy. Their share of national income in the same 30 years went from a healthy 9 percent to a greedy 24 percent.

In one of the Golden Ages of America, from the 1940s to the 1970s, a healthy balance of taxes and government served all classes extremely well.

The tea party message claims a higher moral ground, but their leaders are served by the immorality of their goals of short-term greed and not the long-term needs of America.

Tea party leaders attack the laziness of Americans, yet Americans now work 500 hours more per year.

Tea party leaders play on the worst of human emotions with images of a failed America and an America too poor to afford what’s good, envy of the wealthy, anger at one’s neighbors and fear of others. Their goal is to drive a wedge between people’s negative emotions and their classic American lifestyle: Love of neighbor, a great education, infrastructure and protection from the sometimes ravages of the market.

Good government is being choked out. The market is manipulated to an imbalance. Unchecked capitalism forces young people to borrow obscenely to “afford” an education, then, saddled with debt, they cannot afford a classic American lifestyle.

The rich get richer, while calling others lazy — unworthy of unemployment benefits, education or job training critical to competing in a global economy.

While denying their personal exploitation of government support, they call for lower taxes still. This is a tea party only they can afford.

David Trunnell


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