Kevin Raye will beat Mike Michaud to the airwaves in the 2nd Congressional District race, but Michaud is on track to outspend him in TV ads.

Today a campaign advertisement for Raye, the Republican challenger from Perry, will appear on TV stations in Bangor, Portland and Presque Isle. The 30-second spot focuses on Raye’s accomplishments in the Maine Senate, his work for Republican U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe and experiences as owner of a small business in Eastport, according to a news release from the campaign. The ad is also available on the campaign’s YouTube channel, rayeforcongress.

Michaud’s first television ad won’t appear until next month, but so far the five-term Democratic incumbent has spent seven times as much money in two of Maine’s television markets.

According to records from TV stations in Portland and Presque Isle, the Michaud campaign has spent $323,336, while the Raye campaign has spent $45,621.

In the Bangor market, Michaud spent $95,520, but comparison data from Raye’s campaign were not available. That brings Michaud’s total ad spending to $418,856, according to records from TV stations.

The Raye campaign spent $10,080 for air time on WGAM-TV in the Presque Isle market and $35,541 on ads in the Portland market.

Michaud’s campaign spent $54,250 and $269,086, respectively.

Although Portland is in the 1st Congressional District, its stations reach 2nd District communities, including the key Lewiston-Auburn area, which is not served by the Bangor market, Michaud campaign spokesman Dan Cashman said.

Michaud’s 30-second spots will begin airing Oct. 1 in the Portland market and Oct. 9 in Bangor and Presque Isle.

Michaud also bought more calendar dates than his challenger; his ads will run through Nov. 5 — the eve of the election. Raye bought ads through Sept. 18 in Portland and Nov. 5 in Presque Isle.

Both campaigns say they plan to avoid mudslinging in their TV ads.

Raye’s campaign manager Robert Caverly said today’s ad will showcase the Republican’s “positive and constructive message.”

The advertisement touts Raye, the Maine Senate president, as a fiscal conservative who reduced his own staff budget by 22 percent. The ad ends with Raye on camera, saying, “Washington’s broken. We need somebody to work to solve problems. That’s what I’ve done in Augusta. That’s what I’ll do in Washington,” according to the release.

Cashman wouldn’t disclose much about Michaud’s ads, but he said they will highlight his record of supporting veterans and advocating for Maine’s manufacturing companies.

“It’s our hope it will be a very positive campaign,” Cashman said.

Staff writer Michael Shepherd and State House writer John Richardson contributed to this report.

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