BELGRADE — Belgrade Recreation Department’s Camp Golden Pond and Camp Loon for Teens campers spent the summer recycling craft, lunch and snack trash. During the first week participants attended the Chewonki presentation “A Zero Waste World: Imagine That!” hosted by the Belgrade Public Library. Participants learned how important recycling is.

After the presentation, Camp Loon Coordinator Phil Mulville and his campers labeled bins and helped the younger campers get started. Campers were quickly learned that the plastic from a pre-packaged lunch could be recycled in one bin, juice pouch in another bin and brown paper bag in another bin. Many became passionate about picking up after lunch and snack and putting the trash in the correct bins. Others started bringing more reusable containers so there would be less trash to sort. It became an ordinary part of their day to recycle. “We hope they will show their families how easy it is to recycle at home.” responded Rec Director Valencia Schubert in a press release.

At the end of the eight-week of summer camp, the recycling filled the town of Belgrade’s one-ton truck.

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