I take issue with Frank O’Hara’s remarks concerning the diocesan marriage forums that appeared in the Kennebec Journal article, “Diocese starts marriage defense plans” (Sept. 6).

O’Hara claims to be Catholic, yet he strongly objects to the Catholic Church exercising its teaching authority in matters of faith and morals and, of course, same-sex marriage. He says he wants discussion and dialog, but the kind of discussion he wants is for the church to cave in to political correctness. (Ain’t gonna happen.)

Let’s put things in perspective. Regarding authority and leadership, the Roman Catholic Church is more than 2,000 years old; the “Church of Frank” is relatively new. Which has more wisdom here?

Traditional marriage (one man-one woman) is the cradle of life. This definition must not be tampered with, nor falsely redefined because of some misguided sense of compassion. “Marriage” is not a word that can be stamped on all relationships.

Pope John Paul II said the church’s opposition to same-sex marriage was not up for negotiation (“Vatican urges vote along church lines,” Kennebec Journal, Jan. 17, 2003).

Also, in criticizing same-sex marriage, the pope said “the spread of homosexuality has the capacity to destroy society” (National Catholic Register, June 13, 1999).

I guess O’Hara hasn’t really bothered to dialog with the church about these matters.

Pat Truman


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