Patsy Crockett has a proven record of accomplishment.

She sponsored the jail consolidation bill, which saved property taxpayers $8 million, and the PACE legislation, which helped many Maine families stay warm in their homes with insulation, windows, doors and heating systems.

Keeping Maine families warm and saving taxpayers money are not failed ideas.

Crockett has been recognized for her long history of serving Augusta families.

She serves on the board of directors of Kennebec Behavioral Health and is vice president of the Children’s Center Board of Directors.

I certainly understand supporting another candidate, as Darlene Staples did in her letter on Aug. 26, but trashing a woman who has worked so hard for Augusta families is not OK.

I ask others to join me in supporting Crockett, a candidate who not only wants to represent Augusta families but who has done so effectively.

Jane Gilbert


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