Willard “Mitt” Romney believes he can bring back 1950.

OK, I want to see the 1950s when the wealthy paid more than 70 percent tax, public hospitals and nurses were everywhere, when any interest greater than 18 percent was loan sharking, the banks paid 5 percent interest and gambling was illegal.

My mentor growing up was a venture capitalist, who told me all I needed to do to become rich was join the GOP but I could not. When I asked why, he said, “Because it is not in your nature to be greedy, opportunistic or a profiteer.”

One of Barack Obama’s visions is on my front lawn: a $5,000 solar heating system that saves me $2,000 per year in the cost of fuel. Romney’s coal will cost more.

In 1971, when I got out of high school, Social Security was going to be broke in 1987; in 2002, Bush wanted Social Security to be invested in the stock market. Watch out, Social Security will be broke in 2025. Of course it will, we have cut contributions.

Responsible leadership, thy name is not Willard Romney.

Bruce Clark


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