Did you know that there is currently a presidential race? Yes? Good, we are one step ahead of the game.

Now, do you know how many candidates there are? Two? Three? Closer and closer. Four candidates are on the Maine ballot: Gary Johnson (Libertarian), Barack Obama (Democrat), Mitt Romney (Republican) and Jill Stein (Green Independent).

If this is not news to you, by all means, skip this letter entirely. If you’re still with me, it seems that I have intrigued you. I suppose you have thought back to different media you’ve listened to or looked at. Most people can remember only two; well, three, if you count Ron Paul.

I’m not saying go out and vote for “blah blah” or that “blah blah blah” is bad. Voters, however, don’t need settle for the lesser of two evils when there are more whom have never even considered. Stand up and make your opinion count.

Go forth informed. Change yourself. Change the world.

Jordan Nickerson


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