BELGRADE — Belgrade Historical Society invites the public to an Open House at the old Belgrade Townhouse at the Woodside Cemetery from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 29 and 30; rain or shine.

Organizers hope those interested will explore the old town office before the society makes changes to it. Participants are encouraged to share thoughts about the long-term preservation and possible restoration of the towns only old public structure.

Before the society develops a long-range plan for the care of the Townhouse, organizers want to know how people feel about the building. Specifically, whether residents prefer restoration to its original form in 1815, or if adaptive re-use is more desirable, with modifications that accommodate a wider range of uses. The huge steel water tank presents an example of these choices — should it be preserved as an artifact, re-used elsewhere, or removed for scrap?

The porch is another point for discussion. Although not original to the building, it has been there for many years and is used on Memorial Day. The porch needs extensive repairs to preserve it, or it could be removed and replaced by a small separate structure.

The cemetery grounds is inviting with small red flags to explore and find interesting stones and stories of early settlers and soldiers.

For more information, call Nan Mairs at 465-7924.

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