Peace cannot prevail when tyrants persist. We cannot apologize for each differing opinion on every religion or person. We are a country and people that value the freedom of speech.

When Islamic religious fanatics react violently and kill four innocent U.S. diplomats in Libya because they “disagreed” with a political film from California posted on YouTube, it undermines all our principles and values.

As long as Muslim-led countries allow death attacks and threats for merely sharing thoughts, beliefs or opinions contrary to Islamic stance, then violence, death and discord between our countries and their own wisest people will prevail.

Most of Islam teaches death to any who draw Allah or Muhammad, or defile in anyway their Quran, or a foreigner who speaks negatively about either.

Such extremism and intolerance, plus their treatment of women and children, defy all we stand for. We teach they can believe and worship how they may. They deny any other religious thought. I do not agree with all the opinions of the video, but believe with all my heart the filmmaker has the right to say what he believes.

The film was not a shout of “fire” in a crowded theater, but a detailed, critical narrative of a mortal and imperfect Muhammad and his religious teachings. That is completely protected in this country as freedom of speech. We do not apologize for that freedom.

Dan Powers


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