AUGUSTA — William Peter Sadulsky, 65, of Winslow, won a split verdict after a trial Thursday on two counts of assault on two Winslow police officers.

A jury in Kennebec County Superior Court found him not guilty of an assault on Haley Fleming, but guilty of assaulting Michael Michaud, a reserve officer, Jan. 2 in Sadulsky’s home.

“I believe the verdict of not guilty on Haley Fleming proves Mr. Sadulsky’s statement that excessive force was used on him,” said Joseph Baldacci, one of Sadulsky’s attorneys. “It’s a vindication.”

Baldacci said Sadulsky has not sued the town over the incident, but that a notice of claim has been sent to the town.

He said the officers used a Taser on Sadulsky and a dry stun gun.

A separate charge against Sadulsky of refusing to submit to arrest in connection with the same incident was dismissed July 18.

The assault charges were misdemeanors. Sadulsky was not accused of assault on an officer, a felony offense.

Sadulsky was fined $450.

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