Election Day is coming soon. America was promised hope and change by President Barack Obama, and he surely has kept his word.

The number of people on food stamps has grown from 28 million to more than 46 million.

Unemployment still above 8 percent. When his stimulus (pay back to unions) was passed he promised it wouldn’t go over 8 percent. If the people who ran out of unemployment benefits or quit looking for a job were counted, it would be more than 10 percent.

The Middle East is a hornet’s nest, with more protests and hatred of America than even when George W. Bush was in office. Gas prices have been rising since he took office (only to be much higher if he’s re-elected), pushing up the costs of food and all goods.

But, hey, Obama gave the average Maine taxpayer a tax cut (extended Bush’s tax cuts) — a whole six bucks per week.

Does that cover the average Mainer’s cost of bread, let alone gas?

I am not 100 percent sure Mitt Romney can fix this mess, since both parties helped create the $16 trillion debt, but I am sure of one thing: President Obama has been a failure and needs to go.

Let’s hope folks wake up and care about their country before this Jimmy Carter-clone makes it worse.

Dirk Emery


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