This is going to be one nail-biting, breath-holding, hold-onto-your-britches election year. Personally, I would like to see a clean election.

Unfortunately, yellow journalism, voter fraud, ridiculous promises and fraudulent ads leave people to choose the lesser of two evils.

I am gripped with fear as Barack Obama dresses himself as the knight in shining armor and Mitt Romney as chopped liver because he is Mormon and rich.

If Obama has his way, nothing we own will be our own. He draws down the military leaving us vulnerable. He will not see an act of war as an act of war. That would ruin his chances at the next election and wreck his entire plan for “redistribution” for the “collective good.” This smells like socialism and close to communism to me.

It leaves me cold. How did this happen from the very core of our country, which was and is fought for so bravely with freedom from tyranny in mind?

Delays in bringing the pipeline from Canada; stopping all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico; funding drilling near coast of Brazil; stopping tax breaks to corporations that “would” do business in the United States and create more jobs; claims for tax cuts to others but bringing a huge burden on this country with “Obamacare”; $16 trillion in debt.

We simply cannot afford the Obama administration for another four years. There will be no stopping Obama from incurring another $7 trillion or more in the next four years.

It has to stop. All this friction from sliding through the credit machine is gonna melt the plastic. We as citizens know that credit cards are not free money. In the end we have to pay, someone always does. I pray we don’t pay with our freedom.

Laura Paquet


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