I am tired of hearing there are no jobs in Maine. Many jobs are available in Maine; they just might not be the ideal jobs.

My Augusta company has 30-plus jobs available in all shifts throughout Maine. I cannot get employees because people who are on unemployment are not made to take jobs if they are not at the level they were at before.

Guess what? Times have changed; we all have to work.

The unemployment system should make people take jobs that they can do, even if they don’t want that job because it is on the weekends or at night or not their ideal job.

They don’t have to stay there forever, just until they find a job they really want. Maybe they will find a new career that they have never tried before and love it.

A person should not get unemployment if they quit a job or gets terminated because they don’t like to come to work.

The system is crazy and out of control. Why do we tolerate supporting people on unemployment when they can work and there are jobs to be had?

The workers compensation system is no better. When the largest insurer of workers compensation in Maine can do a television commercial that basically says it will pay a person who sues their employer, we have a problem.

The workers compensation company is my insurer; it works for me. I am the one that pays it $6,000 per week because of claims that may or may not be real, but I am told that it will just settle because it is cheaper. Cheaper for whom?

Doctors need to stop allowing patients to stay out of work when they could be working. Let’s fix the system.

Jean A. Gallant


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